About Dozier Auto Service

About Dozier Auto Service


The owner has over 8 years of Auto mechanic experience. He has an Engineer's degree and Associate degree in Mechanical Engineering, Gasoline certifications, Certification on Bumper to Bumper Mechanics, so can basically handle almost any issue occuring in modern vehicles.


At Dozier Auto Service in Kenosha, WI, we take pride in our business. Our mechanics are continually taking classes to keep up with the latest repair techniques and automotive models.

Customer Service

Our mobile car repair concept allows us to focus on one client at a time which gives us the opportunity to give you the best customer service experience while having your car serviced or repaired.

Without exception, you will know up front what your options and related cost will be so there's no unpleasant surprises.

Additional Options

If you need schematics, for a small cost we can send premium Prodemand Wiring Diagrams which aid greatly in diagnosis. We can help with electronics and electrical issues, but also suspension, transmission and engine issues can be also addressed. 

If you like to do it yourself but need guidance during a project, I can guide you over the phone on how to deal with your vehicle issue and provide premium schematics to help you fix your vehicle or correct faulty parts from other mechanics that you may have received in the past when you took your vehicle in to get fixed.